Hello CYO Families,

Can’t wait to make some music!

Rehearsals will start on Tuesday September 19th at Maine Coast Waldorf School at 57 Desert Road in Freeport. They asked that we wait until the 19th to begin to let students and teachers settle in prior to the arrival of an outside group. 
Dates and Times of rehearsals and concert:
Fiddleheads 4:20-5:20
CYO String Ensemble 5:25-645
Dress Rehearsal at Meetinghouse Arts on December 12
Concert on December 13th at 7PM at Meetinghouse Arts
Tess, Isabel, Opal, Sadie, Alder, Madeleine, Lucie
CYO String Ensemble
Adelaide, Murreal, Moss, Koray, Sierra, Ruby, Rita, Christian, Ruby M., Maddie H, Ruby H. Jaidyn, Lydia
Fee for Fall Session is $125 per student due at the first rehearsal. A check written to CYO or cash is fine. Here is a link to the registration form!
Additionally we have been asked to observe the following:
Additional notes:
– MCWS students staying for the lessons have to be supervised. Parents will need to sign up for aftercare if they are not coming to pick them up.
– Any students dropped off for class, must be supervised by their parent/caregiver until their class time, not just a drop and go.
– You need to make sure all outside doors are closed (sometimes the cafe door has been propped open), bathroom lights are turned off & anything left behind in the school cafe, gallery or music room (jackets, bags, etc.) is picked up.
Let me know if you have any questions!
All the best,
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