“First of all, I listen to music. I like music.” ~György Ligeti


The Fiddleheads is a beginning strings ensemble recommended to younger students age 6-10ish  who are newer to the violin, cello, viola or bass. Students should have some note reading experience and have had lessons for at least a year. This group is conducted by Nancy Roderick who is well known for her enthusiasm and sensitivity while working with young string players, and for her dedication to music education. The Fiddleheads rehearse on Tuesdays from 4:00-4:55PM in the music room at Maine Coast Waldorf School.

Coastal String Ensemble

The Coastal String Ensemble is an intermediate to advanced string ensemble open to string players age 11 and up. This group meets on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:15PM in the music room at Maine Coast Waldorf School, and is also conducted by Nancy Roderick.

Chamber Ensemble


We hope to be able to offer smaller chamber groups at some point again soon! These smaller and more advanced groups will explore a more challenging repertoire.